Awkward Dinner Party: original music inspired by H​.​G. Wells' The Time Machine

by The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

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The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents
Dinner at the Traveler’s House: original music inspired by H.G. Wells' The Time Machine
not your run-of-the-mill book club | original music inspired by books


released October 2, 2011



all rights reserved


The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Seattle, Washington

The Bushwick Book Club is not your run of the mill book club. When we read books, we also want to write songs about them. And when we write songs, we like to perform them for an audience. So we book shows, and invite an audience to read with us!

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Track Name: Levi Fuller - Important Men

I saw myself as an important man
I socialized with men of great repute
The provincial Mayor was my friend
The medical man often came to dine

But I've seen things that make me reconsider
My estimation of myself and them
I've seen the end of man and culture and
I've seen the world end in ice and flame

I thought I was important
I thought that I was someone
But knowing as I do now
Now I understand that
There are no important men

So how am I supposed to face my friends?
I who so desired to gain their trust
Knowing as I do that all is nought
I'll ride again into oblivion
Track Name: MoZo - Time Flies
These days are happy and full of peace
There is no sickness and no disease
These days are easy no suffering
Beautiful flowers always blooming

The sun shines and there's no pain
We live inside out of the rain
We laugh and dance, no fighting
Life is simple happiness

Time flies when you're having fun
Time flies when you're having fun

*These are the days of the mindless*

We have no hunger, we never cry
We have no thirst, we're all alike
We're sensitive like little dolls
Nobody lives in fear it's wonderful


The moon glows a bright white light
Everyone equal, no asking why
No questioning what we're doing here
Life is good happiness