Room 217: original music inspired by Stephen King's The Shining

by The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

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inspired by Stephen King's The Shining
not your run-of-the-mill book club | original music inspired by books


released October 27, 2011



all rights reserved


The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Seattle, Washington

The Bushwick Book Club is not your run of the mill book club. When we read books, we also want to write songs about them. And when we write songs, we like to perform them for an audience. So we book shows, and invite an audience to read with us!

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Track Name: Levi Fuller - We Found Our Place

I felt so good when we rode down into town
Crowded in the truck and smiled the whole way down
We got some creedence blasting on the radio
Things are so much better than they were before

Times were hard in the bad old days
Dad drank too much and mama was afraid
But now I think we've finally found our place
I do believe we're gonna be OK.

This Thanksgiving was the best we'd ever had
I thanked the world for my loving mom and dad
I thanked the world for this big old happy home
I went to sleep and knew I'd never be alone.


Once life was dark and sad
Once daddy hurt me bad
Mommy wanted to run away
It got worse every day
But things are better now
Our life has turned around
Our days are filled with love
Thank the heavens up above

All last night the soft snow fell
We got the sled, and rode around the hotel
Dad pushed mom and me, then we pulled him along
We rode around and round and sang a sledding song